Whether you are completely new to exercise or have an extensive exercise background GMC Training App provides a very interactive and user friendly base for Steph and I to interact, design, set and monitor each of your sessions.

Unlike other online training apps that roll out a general training programme to all clients, we personally design and develop individual workouts for each client based on their needs/ goals/ medical conditions/ musculoskeletal injuries/ past exercise history + current fitness level and ability.

The benefits of subscribing to the GMC Training App are;

  • In-depth consultation form.

  • Non-equipment | home-based | gym-based workouts.

  • Secure photo and measurement storage for graphing and tracking progress.

  • Ability to add additional exercise you have performed.

  • Closed FB group where helpful hints + specials are promoted to online app clients.​




This is where you will find your workouts any nutrition and/or habits to tick off for the day. Connect to Fitbit, Apple Watch + My Fitness Pal and data will sync over and can be viewed right here on your dashboard.




Clicking the calendar tab will show you what is set for whole week ahead. Reschedule workouts as needed to fit around your commitments. 




You are able to click on any of the workouts set on your calendar, and pre-watch any exercise videos to ensure your technique is on point. Rate each workout once you have finished on a RPE scale 1/10 and add any comments you need or want to.


Package Pricing

Fully personalised.

Package A : 6 weeks $190

Package B : 12 weeks $365

Package C : 6 months $29 per week*

Package D : 12 months $23 per week*

*Packages C + D must be paid for the full time period, regardless of training status changes.