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GMC Training App

Great Walks Promotion 2023/2024 Season

We have teamed with Christine & Mark from the fabulous Fiordland Outdoors Co. to offer all of their Great Walks clients of the 2023/2024 season 

10% off GMC Training App 'Personalised Packages' & a' FREE 6-week Training Schedule.


Yippppeee you have tickets, now it's time to start getting your feet and body ready for your big adventure! We personally know how much more enjoyable nature missions are, when you are feeling strong and capable within your body.  We have put together a FREE generalised training plan below, to help start and guide your lead up to your Great Hike. Simply click the link below:

But if you are wanting a training plan that is more suited to your own individual ability/ needs + environment then take full advantage of our personalised packages and get

 10% OFF pricing outlined below!

Unlike other online training apps that roll out a general training programme to all clients, we personally design and develop individual workouts for each client based on their needs/ goals/ medical conditions/ musculoskeletal injuries/ past exercise history + current fitness level and ability.

The benefits of subscribing to the GMC Training app are;

  • In-depth consultation form.

  • Non-equipment | home-based | gym-based workouts.

  • Cardiovascular, strength, flexibility sessions set. 

  • Connect Apple watch, Garmin and Fitbit. Sync your data straight to your calendar for your trainer to access.

  • Secure photo and measurement storage for graphing and tracking progress.

  • Ability to add additional exercise you have performed.

  • Closed FB group where helpful hints + specials are promoted to online app clients.​

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