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2023, come and move with us.
We are back!


Group Fitness 

GMC 6-week Bootcamp 

[in-person] + [online]

Starting Monday 16th January.

Here is to another year of GMC 

6-week bootcamp rotations! Rotation #1 for the year is locked and loaded to start on Monday the 16th January. 

Routine is one of the best tools you have for controlling and implementing a lifestyle you are happy with. The sooner you can settle back in after christmas holidays the better.

  • For full details of both [in-person] and [online] bootcamp check out our services tab. Click here.

  • Ready to commit? Register now.


In-person Training 

One-on-one personal training sessions. 

[Gym] + [Home] + [Outdoors]

Back on the floor from mid January.

  • Wanting to join the gym? Book in for an induction session or two with us. Become familiar with different gym equipment, correct technique and gym ettiquette. 

  • Do you have exercise equipment at home? We can design specific workouts that encompass your gear, and that will give you the confidence to move within the comfort of your own home.

  • Maybe you simply need a kick up the bum? Why not book in for a shake-up session to remotivate and re-engage your body and mind?

GMC Online Training App 

Train with us online, from anywhere.

Have the flexibility to train from anywhere, in any environment, and have your training plan adapted as needed with our fully personalised packages. 

GMC online training app provides a very user-friendly and interactive platform so you can watch technique instructed videos, and chat to us if or when you need to. GMC online training app can allow Apple watch, Garmin watch and Fitbit sync- all of your data syncs across into the one place.

  • To view our personalised package options Click here.

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