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5 things to help a new gym goer.

Anxiety & concern about entering a new environment, especially an industrial looking and feeling gym is one of biggest barriers for those new to exercise. ​

It's important to note, exercise / movement does not have to be done in a gym setting at all, but lots of people are curious about moving in this environment.

One: What should I wear?

You should wear whatever you feel most comfortable moving in. Cotton will show sweat marks so a lycra mix is a good choice to save any unwanted sweat patches, and we recommend upper body layers so you can take them off as needed to cool yourself and put them back on when you cool down.

Two: What should I take?

A drink bottle, sweat towel or hand towel, a gym bag if you are going in work time or after work so you have a place to put other clothing, jewellery, food etc in.

Three: How do I use the equipment?

If you are completely new to the gym it is highly recommended, you book in for a gym induction session with a trainer to familiarise yourself with general set up and use. Ask the front desk receptionist how to do this. This will help with your confidence and reduce injury risk.

Four: Will other people stare at me?

While people might give you a smile as you pass, they will be more concerned about their workout and what they are doing. If you are finding certain people intimidating or groups being disrespectful of the environment, simply chat to the receptionist about these feelings so they can address them.

Five: What are underwritten gym rules?

  • Always clean down your equipment with the spray and clothes provided once you finish with it.

  • If you are unsure if someone has finished their 'sets' on a piece of equipment you want to use, then always ask if they are done, before jumping on.

  • If you are listening to music/ watching videos always use headphones.

  • Put all equipment back where you found it.

  • Have control of your movements in both directions. Don't let you plates or weights clunk down loudly.

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