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Are you a bear?

Seasonal exercise effects are a real thing for most people. As the days draw in, people start hitting snooze more often, run a little late to things, hamper down at home, have more screen time and overall reduce movement levels. It's almost like we talk ourselves into, and encourage this behaviour, it's like a personal 'hall pass' for 12 weeks of the year.

Just around the corner hibernation is calling. What is your winter game plan❓

☑️ ALWAYS start WARM: Layer up and get out the door comfortable, it's so much easier to get started when you aren't shaking to start with. Update your woolly layers and waterproof essentials (long-sleeve top, gloves, hat or head wrap, seam sealed jacket),

☑️ CHANGE your ENVIRONMENT: If you are an outdoor mover and groover, and the thought of being outside all winter is too much, do you need to look for an indoor space, make a cubby in your garage with some home equipment?

☑️ WHOLESOME food CALLS: Creamy pastas, rich casseroles and root vegetables come calling! Same mindset as the other 36 weeks of the year- Moderation is key.

☑️ CHASE the SUN: When it's out, bask your skin in it. More sun = better mood = more motivation + energy to move.

☑️ IT'S a SEASON: Are you making a mountain out of mole hill? In summer it can be too hot, autumn it can be too windy, spring it can be too wet. So, being too cold in winter isn't really so bad?

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