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Navigating the silly season.

As we move through November and enter December, AKA 'the silly season' people often get very flustered, chaotic, busy-er' and way out of routine. The high energy atmosphere that pre-Christmas brings can be hugely detrimental to a person's health and wellness behaviours.

It's important to remember that the silly season is a very small proportion of the whole year. You won't destroy all your good habits over this time, but you also shouldn't just throw these habits completely out 'just because it's the holidays'. Moderation as always is key.

Here are a few ideas for you, to make Christmas break ups, parties, gatherings, and general life more moderated this silly season:

  1. Lock in the break-ups/ parties you really want to go to and say no to those that you don't.

  2. Eat off a plate, don't walk around picking. It's super easy to overeat and not eat from all food groups when you pick.

  3. Balance your alcohol with water (yes, I sound like a mum). Mainly to save that roll on effect the following day of tiredness, poor food choices, writing off your movement. Keeping hydrated will help ensure a good night sleep, and better energy the next day.

  4. Take food, nibbles, drinks you know are a good option. That way if there aren't too many good options you know you have something to balance everything out.

  5. Feeling tired? Walk and hydrate to pick up your mood and energy. Instead of not doing anything, choosing lower intensity activities still ensures you are moving your body in some way and form.

  6. Ensure you are getting a few good night's sleep to restore and recover. It's easy when you don't have school or work to stay up later at nights. If you are feeling yourself in an afternoon slump, delaying movement, reaching for energy dense foods check in on your sleep.



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