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Things that make you go, why am I doing this.

If it was all sugar, honey, sweet dreams, and beautiful memories everyone would be physically active, no worries, no questions asked. But have you ever headed out for a run at 430pm after eating only a pie or piece of slice for lunch? First up is a sluggish 1-3km, hoping you will break out of the slump, body starts hinging over, breathing fast and shallow, legs are heavy, and the demon on your shoulder starts talking 'Just walk' 'Go back to your car' 'You suck at running' 'Why did you decide to do this?'.... Your exercise life starts flashing before your eyes. You feel like you're being knocked backwards, you feel you will always hit this ginormous unbreakable wall, and it will never get easier. These moments often make or break people.

Are these moments simply the pure realisations of exercise life, or are they important shitty moments to make you appreciate the magical ones❓

Why am I doing this? Those moments that raise their heads every now and again on your exercise journey that can scare you, dishearten you, belittle you, frustrate you, anger you, but also drive you (if you accept them as grounding moments).

  1. You head into the exercise session with poor nutrition or no pre-nutrition. Death's doors open real fast. No energy, poor body posture, very negative mindset. Dragging your butt through hell.

  2. New clothing that rubs. Chaffing/ rubbing central. Once it etches in your brain you can't block that pain out.

  3. The area you plan to use is crowded and you can't do what you want to do in the order or the way you plan on doing it. Especially irritating for those that are more particular.

  4. You forget your headphones, or they go flat. If you love moving to tunes this can be a person's absolute #1 breaking point.

  5. You forget to start/ stop your smart watch to stamp your exercise. Some people genuinely believe if it's not recorded so it doesn't count, they will have to repeat it again this week.

  6. You miss out on a personal best by the tinniest margin possible. This is 100% more frustrating that missing by a huge amount for most.

  7. Sickness that stops you in your tracks. Either your own personal health or family members. Having to miss or reschedule sessions regularly can be off putting and drain your motivation battery real fast.

Those that don't move, or exercise regularly would say, 'That's why I don't exercise', 'It's always going to be like that' 'It never gets easier'... But those that do exercise regularly and come across punches like these, can accept it was crappy, shitty, not enjoyable, and this makes them appreciate all their good, and great sessions that much more. These punches can be great learning points and reminders. Often clients create this perfect storm and walk straight into it. Poor preparation, unrealistic mindsets and/or bad decisions when they know better.

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