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Can you add value to what you're already doing?

If you are someone that already has a good thing going, there is often no need to try and recreate the wheel. If your schedule allows you to be consistent, you don't resent getting it done, you are getting the outcomes you desire, then huge changes aren't needed. Often small changes to what you are already doing can add huge value to progression, keeping optimal body balance and aid recovery.

180-degree change of direction does not always = 100% improvement. If you have something good going on, why not just add value to what is already working?

How can you add value to what you are already doing? Here some ideas to think about in relation to your training schedule:

  1. Single limb training: Doing unilateral exercises helps to balance the dominant and non-dominant sides of your body. Unless you have great body awareness, you won't even realise one side is working much harder than the other during bilateral movements. eg. double leg, leg press vs. single leg, leg press.

  2. Feeling confident with specific equipment? Try a new equipment mode for the same exercise. This will not only help keep your engagement levels up, but it may also allow you to progress your load. eg. dumbbell front squat --> barbell front squat.

  3. Don't have time or the passion for flexibility and mobility work? Set yourself a 2-week goal to include this in every session and see the results for yourself. Increase range of motion allowing deeper and fuller movements, feel less restricted during heavier load, and automatically hold a strong solid posture during your sets.

  4. Ensure your protein filling during the 'golden hour'. 30-min post workout is optimal, but up to 1-hour is good. Whole foods should be your number 1 choice- they are effective. Protein supplementation is better than nothing, if you are far from home or time poor to prepare.

  5. If you are not strength training, should you be? I see this time and time again in endurance athletes. I just need to be able to run for several hours, a 45 min gym session is null to me. WRONG ANSWER. Strength = stronger movements, better force production, faster pace, more stable joints, reduced injury risk.

Can you add value to what you are already doing well?!



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