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Interesting things I have learned about people and their relationship with exercise to date.

Human beings are very intriguing. Thoughts, thought processes, mindsets, perceptions, emotions, moods, and environment all impact one's decision making, action, adherence and experience. However, after being in this exercise game for several years now there seems to be recurrent themes and trends between most people and their exercise journey. It seems a bit 'sheep-like', and it is. But it's great! I can now often catch issues before they arise, re-direct before a client has hit the bottom of the cliff, better understand what approach from me the client needs and react best to, and exercise outcomes as well as longevity of exercise journey have improved heaps!

Please dont take offence to the points below. They aren't targeting single clients, these are regular occurences, across many clients, over several years. Enjoy these exercise truths.

Some exercise truths, trends and LOL's :

  • Lots of people will happily throw money at you and not care about missing session/classes or doing what was set. This grinndddsss my gears 10x over. A waste of my time. A waste of theirs. No one wins here. But it happens a lot!

  • People will often come to you and then choose to design and direct the session as to what they want anyway. Hmmmm always an interesting thinking point?

  • Those that succeed in the long-term are the less “needy” clients of any. They tick away with their heads down quietly in the background. Often, I feel like I am annoying them making sure nothing needs amended and they are OK.

  • People that leave, will 80% of the time always come back. Normally every 3-6months. That's a long rest between sets.

  • People do not like rehabilitation and stabilisation-based programs. They will likely quit after 2-3 weeks. No fast gains to see, so they are out. These are the clients you work hardest to keep on the wheel for 8-12 weeks so they can see progress!

  • People will always cancel their PT appointment before their hair or beauty appointments.

  • People love to follow those that have the goods. They see it, they copy it. Even if their technique is shitty, or they have no physiological reasoning for what they are doing. They jump on their band wagon and ride it.

  • If two clients cancel in a day, 2 more will follow. If your first two clients are in a “mood” the rest of your day follows suit. Are their fitness stars out there that align?

  • 10% of those that say that’s a great idea, I’ll be there…. will actually show.

  • Most people don’t realise their body is connected. What do you mean my sore knee is due to my glutes? It’s sore in my knee not my glute. There's no dead space between any limb or joint people.

  • Most common down the street chat from potential or past clients... 'I really want to come and see you', 'I need to get back into it'. As I walk away, making a bet in my mind about the chances of them reaching out within in the next 7 days.

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